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  • What are the ingredients in Hello Wolf?
    Hello Wolf is carbonated water, vodka, natural flavours and citric acid. That's it. Really.
  • Where is Hello Wolf made?
    We are proud to make Hello Wolf in Calgary, Alberta.
  • How many calories per can of Hello Wolf?
    Hello Wolf has exactly 100 calories per one 355 mL/12oz serving. Makes for easy math on a six-pack.
  • What flavours do you make?
    Hello Wolf delivers the perfect mango, grapefruit, lime, and black cherry flavours. Four flavours with character, for you and the pack. If you're looking for another flavour, send us your suggestion.
  • Do you use only natural flavours?
    Yes, we only use the best natural flavours.
  • I love Hello Wolf, how can I partner with your brand?"
    We love that you love Hello Wolf. Please complete our contact form.
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